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Submitting Demos Overview

In order to submit your demo, you must first have followed the guidelines on the
Submission Request page. All requests must have followed the guidelines in the IMPORTANT NOTE on that page. You must also have been given permission by MWP via a request for demo submission.

Here’s How You May Send Submissions:

Dropbox Submissions ONLY

If you received permission, there is a submission dropbox folder.

Click Here to To Request Dropbox Sharing

US Mail Submissions

Again, these are given last priority due to increasing volume of submissions. You may forego any SASE if you have email. Email responses are quickest. We request that you do not use CERTIFIED or RETURN RECEIPT as this is inconvenient. A better solution would be a Priority-type mail pack which provides a tracking number and delivery status.

Material Worth Publishing [ASCAP]
39 Sherman Avenue, #1
Walden NY 12586

Cover Letter Requirements

All Submissions must include a BRIEF COVER LETTER which should simply state who you are and have all your contact information including email, mailing address and websites if applicable.
Please reference the communication you received from us granting you permission to submit your demo including date, time and with whom you spoke. If this was via email or myspace, print out a copy of it and include it. Any packages sent should include a brief bio and any accomplishments you have made in your songwriting career especially if you’ve been published before.

Important Note About ALL Submissions
Although we have a large volume of inflow, we NEVER forget to respond. Please be patient and do not barrage us with phone calls asking if we received or got to your submission. ALL SUBMISSIONS RECEIVE A RESPONSE WHETHER WE ARE INTERESTED OR NOT. Please also understand that our search for music is specific in style, genre, etc. and that a rejection of your submission is not a condemnation of your work. We enjoy reviewing all submissions however we can not use everything we receive. We encourage you to pursue your aspirations and commend you for getting out there and being heard! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!