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We understand your potential as a songwriter but, is that enough?

Fortunately for the submitting songwriters, we have the vision of songwriting potential because we ourselves are songwriters.

We know a good song structure, a good hook, rhyme-scheme and the whole works. We know hit songs when we hear them no matter the format. We do not however rely on our colleagues to do the same. After all, they are not songwriters, so the vision of potential becomes a more limited scope. They know it when they hear it in its potential form but most often lack the potential, the patience or even the time to envision any more. So many talented songwriters go undiscovered.

How do songwriters get discovered?

Keeping in mind the limited scope of vision of your average A&R exec or even producer or manager, you need to have something to put the vision there. Don’t make them think what the potential could be – SHOW THEM! For this reason we advise that you bring in the big guns for your project, invest in it. This means putting together a talented group of buddies or even hired guns to do the job professionally. If you have confidence in your song’s potential, back it with the musicianship it deserves. See below about our free song review.

Here is the point: There are some really talented songwriters and performers out there who may never get anywhere while they watch other similar artists make it big. Sound familiar? Frank Sardella’s purpose is to get you paid…